Ongoing Projects


S.No Company Name Project Name Job Description  Quantity
1 AL BALAGH - L&T JV Al Rayyan Stadium and Precint 2022 World Cup Excavation, grading, backfilling & (PRECINCT Area)  52,655.00 m3
Excavation, grading, backfilling & (PRECINCT Area)  261,521.00 m3
Excavation of trenches, tanks, Electrical & mechanical services, foul and storm water services (PRECINCT Area)  202,020.00 m3
 54,680.00 m3
Excavation & transportation works (Remeasurable Contract)  45,000.00 m3
Backfilling works (Remeasurable Contract)  45,000.00 m3
Crushing work (Remeasurable Contract)  500,000.00 m3
2 AL JABER TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. W.L.L Construction of Horse Owner Complex in Al Khor - Phase II Crushing work  80,000.00 m3
3 AL QAMRA HOLDING Water Reservoir in Mukaines  Excavation & levelling works  24,000.00 m3
Excavation & backfilling works  30,000.00 m3
4 BOOM CONSTRUCTION CO. Birkat Al Awamer - Roads & Infrustructures Excavation & transportation works     
Al Rayyan Road Project 7 Demolition and disposal of excavated material works    
Fifth Precint in Abu Hamour & Al Thumama site Loading, transporting, laying & compacting of backfill material works  80,000.00 ton
Construction of Khalifa Street & TV Roundabout Demolition and disposal of for 6 buildings    
Birkat Al Awamer - New Temporary Labor Accommodation - Package 4 Excavation for cuttings for any materials and rock  46,421.00 m3
Filling works - Transporting from site, laying, spreading & compacting   35,678.00 m3
5 DUTCH FOUNDATION Gold Bazzar & Hotel Apartment Excavation & transportation works  30,000.00 m3
6 LANE SOLID TADMUR Roads and infrastructure in Wakrah west Crushing work  5,000.00 m3
7 MAN ENTERPRISE QATAR Construction of Bu Fsila Logistic Village Excavation & Removal works  46,334.00 m3
Screening works  38,000.00 m3
8 MATTA CONTRACTING Al Saad area Excavation & transportation works  6,300.00 m3
9 PROSPEROUS QATAR ISF Camp in Duhail Excavation of trenches works (Remeasurable contract)  25,000.00 m3
10 UCC-INFRAROAD CP07-A-1C Infrastructure works at Wadi Crossing between Seef Lusail South & QEC Excavation works (Remeasurable contract)  195,688.00 m3
Transportation works  181,300.00 m3
Screening of material works  26,022.89 m3
Transportation of Unsuitable material  216.00 trips
11 UCC-SACYR JV Design & Build Infrastructure works, Roads & Land scaping - Ras Bu Fontas Special Economic Zone (QEZ-1) Foul Sewer Pipe works and Manhole (LPO. 00868/2017)    
Placement and Compaction of backfill material  150,000.00 m3
Backfilling and compaction of Precast wall footing works  1,581.00 lm
TSE Trench excavation and Transportation work    
Excavation and Transportation of Micro Tunneling Shaft & Open Trenches & Chambers to stockpile and Excavation & Disposal of material work for Lifting station    
 12,500.00 m3